Technology is constantly evolving, and so is the way our customers consume IT.  At Westcoast we believe no partner should ever lack the support or technical expertise to compete on opportunities in this ever changing landscape.

So, with this in mind we have created the Westcoast Opportunitues where our partners can register their opportunities with us early in the sales cycle.  Each opportunity is assessed by our bid team, it is then sent to our specialist presales team who will work with you to design the right solution.

The bid team will then register an OPG with the vendor, engage with the end user account managers and submit any relevant deal requests.

With additional benefits such as 1 hour SLA’s, dedicated presales, access to technology specialists and utilization of vendor benefits such as NBO, we can ensure partners have the right solution, for the right price.  With all the support Westcoast provides we put you in a winning position.  Get engaged with us and become one of our valued partners today.


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